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Programme Info

Kids learn and respond best when the method of teaching is dynamic and interactive. Football (soccer) is the perfect tool with which to educate African children because it is a near-universal language that resonates with both boys and girls and transcends culture and background. WhizzKids United thus uses football drills and games as media through which educational messages are delivered.

WhizzKids United is designed on the principle that awareness about HIV and AIDS is not enough to prevent it.

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The project is perfect for you if you love the outdoors, sports, and have a passion for working with kids. You will work with a well-established NGO focused on youth development and creating an HIV-free generation in South Africa.

You will aid the teaching of Life Skills using football through WhizzKids United's 'On the Ball' programme to children aged 11-16 in schools around Edendale (a large township near Pietermaritzburg).

In the afternoons you will help the WhizzKids United Health Academy staff to run our Mixed Gender Football League, and other recreational activities such as Arts and Crafts, Choir, Drama, Chess Club, and Traditional Dance.


WhizzKids United will put you up in our volunteer house in central Pietermaritzburg, only a 15 minute bus ride from your main working location. This is only an hour drive from the beach city of Durban where WhizzKids United's head office is located.

A snapshot of your experience
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A snapshot of your experience


  • To be able to work with children at the epicentre of the HIV epidemic in Africa and help bring about an HIV-Free Generation
  • The nightlife in KwaZulu-Natal is second to none, once you have experienced Cool Runnings in downtown Durban, you will never go back!
  • Seeing the amazing African wildlife on your way to work on a daily basis.
  • Becoming close friends with our Life Skills Trainers who are the best in the business and are able to help others even when they face the same struggles

How You Can Make A Difference

By working with WhizzKids United's trainers you can help them to ensure that the adolescents in and around Edendale are able to live healthy HIV-free lives and spread the word about prevention to their peers, families, and communities.

Your role is essential in enabling the teaching of Life Skills to children who may not have parents or families to help them through this difficult stage in life.

You can be an inspiration to them to continue on the right path and follow their dreams.

Life As a Volunteer

Life as a volunteer for WhizzKids United is never dull! We are extremely proud of employing people who always get stuck in, and as a volunteer you will be expected to as well!

You will have the chance to enhance your CV by being in charge of organising and running tournaments for the children in your Life Skills programmes, as well as working with the schools to ensure as many kids as possible come to the WhizzKids United Health Academy to access life-saving services.

Don't worry it's not all hard work! You will also be taking Zulu lessons in order to fully immerse yourself in the culture, as well as being able to have an active social life! Once a month WhizzKids United will hold a 'Braai' (South African BBQ!) at its headquarters in Durban where you will get a chance to mingle with other volunteers and employees.

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For more info and a basic itinerary send us a request for our Information Pack 2012

WhizzKids United 'On The Ball' Life Skills Programme

Correct knowledge about HIV and AIDS must be imparted as part of a comprehensive intervention which promotes goal orientation, challenges unhealthy gender norms, and builds self-efficacy and health-seeking behaviour. This is precisely what our 'On the Ball' curriculum does.

  • 8-Session School-based intervention with students
  • Uses football as a fun, interactive medium for life skills education
  • Key skills include: Goal Setting, Self Determination, Gender-Equality, and HIV and AIDS awareness
  • After completion of the 'On the Ball' course, WhizzKids United host World Cup-style tournaments at our partnering schools as a way of rewarding students for finishing the Life Skills Programme
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More Information on Life Skills


WhizzKids United Health Academy

The ultimate source of long-term prevention, care, treatment and support for our beneficiaries is the WhizzKids United Health Academy (teen clinic).

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In partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health and FIFA (the governing body of international football) the Health Academy provides a holistic set of health services to an exclusively adolescent patient population in a supportive, caring environment. The Health Academy seeks to provide youth with quarterly one to one sexual health risk assessments and HIV Counselling and Testing, as well as treatment and psychosocial support. This facility is designed to be a 'one-stop shop' providing adolescents with all the support they need to grow into healthy, confident adults in the midst of the devastating HIV and AIDS epidemic.

The WhizzKids United Health Academy offers a range of clinical services including:

  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • TB Screening
  • Family Planning
  • Pregnancy Test
  • STI Management and Treatment
  • 3-Monthly Sexual Health Risk Assessment
  • Vital Signs
  • Psychosocial Support Groups
  • Rape and Trauma Counselling
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children Services

The WhizzKids United Health Academy offers a range of education and recreational activities to make it more appealing to adolescents, including:

More Information on the Health Academy