Slindile Mthembu
Email Address
Life Skills Coach
Date of Birth
25 September 1991
My Favourite Football Team
Kaizer Chiefs
My Favourite Football Player
Simphiwe Tshabalala
My Goal in Life
Working together with the South African team called the GIFT OF THE GIVERS in giving a hand and helping people in need.
My Proudest Achievement
Being a female coach
This is Slindile Mthembu

I′m a 22 year old girl who loves people despite whether I′m loved back or not, I love laughing and singing which makes people see my inner self and some say I′m hyper active, and give myself in to helping people and come out with solutions or give a better understanding to those situation for feelings and desires are part of a human nature to care and help.

I hold a great appreciation to the family that raised me to be the strong women I am today for love, care and concern for all that they have done for me, which takes me back to helping and giving out a hand to people around my community and having a brilliant organisation that I work under which is WHIZZKIDS UNITED.

Working in it is the BEST because the facts remain that the society we live in is worried about the big challenge we faced within SOUTH AFRICA and puzzled about the causes and the solutions about it but we as the WKU working towards helping the community and helping the in need.  Which lends to each of us and our hearts to excel in our work , I′ve been favored by GOD to be given a platform to have a second family at WKU which involves sport to deliver and promote the importance of living life under circumstances of living with HIV/AIDS and how to overpower it by staying healthy and living a healthy life infected with it or not.

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