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"Team Talk" Peer Education

At the end of the Life Skills Football Training curriculum, facilitators select one boy and one girl from each class as "team captains" who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and train them to be Peer Educators with an additional 10-hour "Team Talk" Peer Education course. The captains then run a 12-hour Peer Education curriculum with their classmates. This allows them to reinforce the Life Skills lessons and facilitate discussions that can positively influence peer group norms.

Peer Education 1 Outside the classroom, "Team Talk" Peer Education also serves as an approachable front-line source of help for troubled youth who might be too intimidated to go to an authority figure. The selected "team captains" receive training about sexual health education and a tour of their local clinic so they can encourage their peers to access its services when needed. As with Life Skills Football Training, WhizzKids United "Team Talk" Peer Education is a school-based intervention designed to meet the requirements of South Africa's nationwide Life Orientation curriculum.

As a result of our "Team Talk" Peer Education programme, the participating youth will:

Peer Education 2
  • Gives kids the opportunity to participate actively in their own development
  • Allows kids gifted with leadership skills the opportunity to better themselves and their peers by applying those skills
  • Allows kids to become comfortable openly discussing sensitive topics related to sexual health, which they might be afraid to discuss with parents, teachers or other authority figures
  • Allows kids a forum to come together and rethink unhealthy social norms and stereotypes
  • Creates a sense of solidarity amongst youth that they are working together in the mission of living healthy and HIV-free