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by Rusha Govender on 24 January 2014
Since the beginning of the epidemic, almost 70 million people have been infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and about 35 million people have died of AIDS related diseases. Globally, 34 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2011.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 14 November 2013
WhizzKids United is offering kids from the Pietermaritzburg area a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the 2014 Football for Hope Festival (FFHF) in Brazil. WhizzKids United are encouraging kids between the ages of 15-18, with a South African Identity Document to apply for the upcoming 2014 Football for Hope Festival.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 31 October 2013
Prehanta Vandeyar of Architecture for Humanity (AFH) is part of the team responsible for the construction of the Football for Hope Center (FFHC) in Edendale, handling the architectural division of the imposing project and oversees the initial construction.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 7 October 2013
Earlier this year, WhizzKids United and Oxfam partnered together in an effort to compile a report which aimed at describing the social aspects of the work done by WhizzKids United. The report outlined the many ways in which adolescent clients, staff and volunteers relate to each other at the WKU Health Academy.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 4 October 2013
The Japanese Embassy has generously sponsored a mini bus and a mobile clinic trailer to the WhizzKids United Health Academy.  WhizzKids United is delighted to be a benefactor of the Japanese Embassy’s effort of reaching out to the South African community.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 16 August 2013
The Durban University of Technology (DUT) recently partnered with WhizzKids United (WKU) during a seven-a-side indoor football tournament organized by the 2nd year Sports Management students. In an open press released directed to the media and the public, the students expressed their desired objective in pursuit of establishing a partnership with WKU.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 7 August 2013
South African born Hollywood Actress and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Charlize Theron, praised WhizzKids United for their continuous dedication in the fight against HIV/AIDS during her visit to WhizzKids United.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 26 July 2013
WhizzKids United recently hosted a collaboration colloquium with local NGOs as well as the Departments of Health and Education at the WhizzKids United Health Academy. The event was initiated by a driven partnership between the Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) of Southern Africa and various stakeholders.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 1 July 2013
The early stages of construction of the Football for Hope Centre at the WhizzKids United Health Academy are underway, an infrastructure legacy left behind by the 2010 FIFA World Cup.    FIFA’s brainchild, the Football for Hope Centre initiative, awarded to 20 African countries, including 5 to South Africa is now seeing the early stages of construction developments from one its partnering organizations, WKU Health Academy.
by Mlungisi Khumalo on 26 June 2013
The 6th South African AIDS conference held in Durban on the 18-21 June saw WhizzKids United CEO and founder, Marcus McGilvray, being given a platform to present the informative WKU poster at the International Convention Centre.
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