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A reflection on internship

Internship 1 To be an intern for WhizzKids United means more than just another stamp on your passport. It means more than just another administrative position where you push papers from 9AM to 5PM. And it definitely means a lot more than just spending time to improve your own football skills.

As an intern for WhizzKids United, you have the opportunity to bring football to life and shape the feet that lead the future. You can become a vital part of a community that is constantly striving for progression. Furthermore, you can support an organisation in raising the standard for how sport can be utilised for youth education, health and development.

Internship 2 Interning for WhizzKids United gives you a unique insight and hands-on experience into the operations and ambitions of a truly global NGO. From helping to spread the word about our work to training our Life Skills trainers, an intern will be able to take on a full load of responsibility that is unlike any standard entry-level position. In addition, you will be on the frontlines of living the definition of true charity.

Our organisation has achieved many great accolades in our years of existence. With our award-winning programmes and youth-focused health service delivery models, WhizzKids United is distinguished as a leader in building life skills through the power of sports. But, in order to maintain our progress and keep moving forward, it is pivotal that we enlist the best internship candidate to join our team and help us make a difference!

So, are you ready? Do you think you can join our team here in Durban and help us to provide HIV and AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support to the youth? If you are interested in interning for WhizzKids United, then please check for vacancies on our Recruitment page or contact Stefan Kunze for further information.

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