We empower young people to be leaders in their community and strive for a successful future. Please browse through this page for some impressions of the various activities that we use to empower youth.

Game Changers

Game Changers is a newly-implemented programme that aims to empower young people and provide them with job-related skills, knowledge and experience that will help them gain employment.

The twelve-month programme includes lessons in English, Maths, IT and basic Administration. Additionally, participants are educated on how to set goals, how to communicate effectively, how to give and take criticism and more. Game Changers also incorporates parts of our On The Ball: Life Skills programme and sees participants being trained on how to become facilitators, how to improve their life skills and knowledge around HIV/AIDS and healthy living.


Siyakhona is a multi-media project in which we educate a select number of boys and girls about the power of visual communication. Through offering IT, photography and video skills workshops, as well as access to the necessary equipment, we inspire young people to share their views and stories with the world.

Siyakhona Photo Siyakhona Photo

Siyakhona Photo Siyakhona Photo

WhizzKids United Football teams

Football is a great tool to develop young people. We have used this model since 2004 in different countries and since then many other organisations have followed this approach. In Africa - and South Africa is no exception - people live and love football. Football attracts them, opens doors and makes it easy to interact. But for us football is also a direct eductional tool. This sport carries loads of important ideas which can be applied to real life situations.

We use football to teach boys and girls Life Skills, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, promote gender equality and fight discrimination. Through football we give people the skills to protect themselves against the threads in life, by turning away from danger or learning to beat the 'opponent'.

Football makes learning fun and interactive and helps youth to better and easier understand important messages. And this continues to improve the lives of many in Africa.

The Girls Football Team

Girls Football Team

The Boys Football Team

Boys Football Team

The Mixed Gender Football League

The mixed gender football league provides girls and boys with a rare opportunity to play organised sports together.

By providing a healthy after-school recreational opportunities for under-resourced schools, we strive to develop young football players of both genders to become role models and ambassadors in their families, schools and communities.

By getting boys and girls playing on the same team, we are building gender equality on the football pitch in order to develop it off the football pitch.

The Mixed Gender Leagues follow the idea of FIFA's football3 methodology and promotes the concept of Fair Play and respect. Through this approach the teams learn to play with controlled competiveness and mutual leadership, which makes the game more enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Comic Book Workshops

Developed in conjunction with Cardiff University's Centre for Language and Communication Research, the Comic Book Workshop is an annual workshop designed to give members of the youth the opportunity to design and create their very own comic strips. In doing so, the programme allows the youth to express their ideas and feelings as well as to communicate some of the challenges they face on a daily basis to the outside world.

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