Marketing Workshop at the Health Academy
posted by Siphelele Sibisi on 17 August 2012
WKU Marketing Manager Stefan during the workshop at the Health Academy
WKU Marketing Manager Stefan during the workshop at the Health Academy

For the past two and half years I was working for WhizzKids United and I have been going to different schools and enjoying it. I was doing Life Skills and running tournaments and making teachers and kids smile and enjoy all over. I was doing this because it was work and it even became my lifestyle. I was kind of bored during the school holidays due to the fact that couldn’t do what I was used to be doing.

But in the last two weeks something strange was asked and I had no answer for something I have been doing for the past two and a half years: to differentiate between who we are as an organisation and what we do in our daily work. I always thought I’m doing it right when I explain it to people but I discovered that it is not the same. I can’t go around telling people what we do if I don’t know who we are. Thanks to the marketing team who held a workshop of one and a half days at the Health Academy the last two Fridays, most of us are clear now on things we didn't know.

What do we do when we market, and to whom do we market, why do we market are the things we never think about, yet we do them every time we are in the street or school. In fact, I learnt that marketing is done every day by everyone. I went into that workshop thinking of when is it going to end, but when information started to flow in I think I wasn't the only one surprised by many things we discovered. For example, I didn't know that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. That the communication happening when we walk in the street with our organisation t-shirt or somebody sees us in Life Skills kicking footballs with kids. Things that attract people to come and see what we do – that is marketing.

When you get to the Health Academy, the friendliness that you get and the warm feeling flowing around, this is who we are as WhizzKids United. You also get the feeling that the people around you know what they are doing. This helps a lot for our marketing because when a client leaves and they are happy, they will come back and also tell their friends.

There were many more interesting things discussed and done at the workshop which I can't all mention now, but all in all thanks to the marketing team – I hope we’re still going to see more of those trainings.

Making the move
posted by Siphelele Sibisi on 26 July 2012
Siphelele in action as a football coach
Siphelele in action as a football coach

It is always good to do something and be recognized. For the past two and a half years Sithule and me have always been going to schools for Life Skills Training and tournaments where we would meet with the kids and teachers. But now I got the chance to look at our job as life skills trainer s from another point of view. In schools we ran Life Skills Sessions on many different things, with the main emphasis being on HIV. Kicking the ball around with kids was fun for me and made me really want to stay around in schools and very proud of the job I do. Teachers were very kind to let us in to their classes so we always worked hard to build that relationship.

Now, thanks to WhizzKids United, I got to move from the field to the office which is great because, as much it has been great being in the field, our newer trainers need an experienced voice to help them find their feet. So I feel honoured to be chosen to represent the Life Skills team at the office and try to make the Life Skills programme to be more fun and educational from all angles. It will be challenging for me to alter my way of teaching and transferring information from the kids way of doing things to the adults way, but with the training I have received and still want to receive it will be possible. We may face a couple of obstacles along the way of growing, but I know that with the team I have nothing will stop us from achieving our goals.

My goal is to get all trainers to be on almost the same level in terms of facilitating the training and knowledge of the manuals. We need to be best in everything that we do so our sessions can be fun for trainers and kids. The best way is to share ideas and problems in order to come with fresh and new solutions. Also, I will try to show them how I get around certain things in primary and in high schools and share my experience in working with kids. We will have the best times when it comes to translating complicated words from the manual to youth language and thus make the manual as easy as possible to deliver to the kids.

I’m looking forward to working with all the different trainers and all the challenges I might face. In future I believe we will move forward as a unit so our objective will be met commonly for we are a team that does a great job – so let’s do it together!

Holiday camps
posted by Siphelele Sibisi on 7 June 2010
Siphelele discussing the camps with programme director
Siphelele discussing the camps with programme director
The past three to four weeks in preparing for the holiday camps over the World Cup have been fun and at the same time hard work. The part I enjoyed the most was the meetings with different people from different offices, offices I never thought I would enter. I have never been given this kind of responsibility before so I had to push all the buttons I could. The best part was the three days training we had in preparation for the camps. This is when the planning of the camp was executed and this is the part where the spirit of the dead was awoken. We learnt lot of things and terminologies which we can use with the kids and among ourselves as coaches. The team which we work with at WhizzKids and also our partners on the camp, GRS, is so behind each other that we shall stop nowhere in planning for this event. The past three weeks have been historical and hope to execute all my duties as planned and with good heart


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