And the winner of the Monthly Photo Competition is ...
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 27 September 2010
World Cup tournament on World Peace Day.
World Cup tournament on World Peace Day.

Our poll on Facebook for the Monthly Photo Competition of September just finished and our winner is fixed. It is a picture taken by our Marketing Manager Charmaine on our World Peace Day event last Tuesday. Congratulations for this wonderful shot. But the problem is that she wasn´t the one who uploaded the picture. It was our Office Apprentice Sma, so she is the legitimate winner of September and not Charmaine! Really sad for our staff member from Australia, but the rules say that it is important who uploads the picture and that definitely was Sma (the sly fox) true to the motto: “First come, first served!” We are looking forward to our next Monthly Photo Competition and I hope that you will support us voting for your favourite picture in the end of October again.

WhizzKids tournament on World Peace Day
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 22 September 2010
Roger Palmgren giving autographs.
Roger Palmgren giving autographs.
Yesterday the whole world was celebrating the International Day of Peace. Reason enough for us to link this event with one of our World Cup tournaments which is the final event after our 8-hours Life Skills Sessions. Also on board was the organization Accord which supported us during the whole day with volunteering and prizes.

After the group stage we served the hungry kids of Clarence Primary School their food. While they were eating and making a break we had a few speeches which gave the kids some background information about the International Day of Peace. As a sign of worldwide peace two of our ten year old participants lighted a candle at 12 o´clock what was followed by a minute of silence to remember the places and people in the world which are involved with wars.

Also from the WhizzKids office our Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Tom was introducing the participants and visitors into our programme and explained why we run tournaments like that and what the Life Skills Session is about. The next speaker was our special guest Roger Palmgren who is the sports director of the PSL football team Amazulu FC which is based in Durban. The kids were really impressed by the speech from Roger who had to write plenty of autographs after the tournament.

All in all the whole tournament was very successful and the kids had a lot of fun. Slovakia was the team which played the best football during the whole day what is the reason why they won the title. Their opponents in the final were the kids from the Netherlands who deserved the fair play trophy because of their considerate and fair play.

Afterwards we can say that it was a good idea to link our usual World Cup Tournament to the World Peace Day and to work together with an other organization. I not only want to say thank you to Accord, but also to Eagle Stationeres, Roger Palmgren, Clarence Primary School and especially the AIDS Foundation, because all of them made this event happen.
WhizzKids United goes Social Media
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 16 September 2010
WKU goes Social Media.
WKU goes Social Media.
Apart from our vision and mission one of our further goals is to spread the word of WhizzKids United all over the world finding new partners and sponsorships which are necessary to extend our programme. As we are not an ′′old school′′ organization and one of our core values is creativity, we should always be up to date what is why we´ve created different profiles on various social networking websites.

We have been focusing on Facebook and Twitter and provide daily news, pictures and videos about our work in townships, the program itself, football and a lot of more. Both networks are definitely the most popular social media platforms and the worldwide range is enormous.

For example Facebook has more than 500 million users followed by Twitter with nearly 40 million. So it looks like that most of the terrestrials are addicted to social media websites and admittedly I am one of these nerds as well.

But especially for us as a non-profit-organisation using these opportunities for free it is a good chance to get some of the cyberjunkies to follow WhizzKids. If you are one of those feel free to join us on Facebook or Twitter, write comment and upload pictures or whatever you want to do.

Just click the following links: Facebook, Twitter! We are looking forward to hearing from you.
The spring has arrived in Durban
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 14 September 2010
Beachfront in Durban.
Beachfront in Durban.
As I am from Germany it is a little bit weird for me to say that spring is here, because it is September and I am used to the cold rainy and stormy weather which we should have right now in my home country.

Of course I rather enjoy Durban´s sunshine than preparing for the cold days of the winter in Europe. But today for me and some pupils it was definitely too hot in Durban so we had to cancel our Life Skills Training with one of our schools in Greyville. It would have been too exhausting for the kids playing football on a pitch where it is hardly possible to find a shady spot. So we had to place it on hold to the next week.

Apart from that there´s still plenty to do at our office and we are looking forward to some special events we have been planning. On Saturday for example you can visit some of our staff members at the Essenwood Market where they present the WhizzKids United programme. In addition all of our visitors will have the chance to win one of our amazing prizes (i. e. Safari at Hluwehluwe,…) whilst entering our Spot The Ball Competition.

Furthermore we are organising a World Cup Tournament for one of our schools which hopefully will finish the last part of the Life Skills Session during this week, but it depends on how warm it will be the following days. For me it will definitely be my last tournament before going back to Germany after six months. But I´ll enjoy every minute of the South African spring and of course my work with WhizzKids United!
Busy weekend at the SMME Fair in Durban
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 6 September 2010
Our trainers Nathi and Francis at the SMME Fair.
Our trainers Nathi and Francis at the SMME Fair.
During the past weekend there was the SMME Fair in Durban, a huge exhibition with almost 500 stands where different companies from Durban presented their products, agency or what else they provide. Of course WhizzKids United set up a stand as well because for us it was the chance to spread the name of our programme, find new sponsorships and to raise some funds.

All in all the exhibition was a big success for us especially our “Spot the Ball Competition”. As a visitor you had to find a ball in a picture where we had deleted the ball in advance. To enter the competition every potential participant had to pay R10 which is really minimal, because we were offering prizes like a Safari trip to Hluhluwe for two persons for two nights. In total we provided prizes to the value of R 20,000.

On the one hand the three days at the SMME Fair were very exhausting for each of our staff members especially for Charmaine and Nancy who were working for the whole weekend. But on the other hand most of our staff including the trainers helped out what shows that there´s a big enthusiasm within our organization.

For Charmaine and Nancy it was their first event since they′ve started working with WhizzKids and afterwards we can say that both did a great job in the past two weeks.
WhizzKids United at the SMME Fair in Durban
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 1 September 2010
Spot the Ball Competition for the SMME Fair.
Spot the Ball Competition for the SMME Fair.
The current week has been very busy for the whole WhizzKids team, because at the following weekend we are going to present our programme at the SMME Fair in Durban from 3rd till 5th September. Especially our new Marketing team consisting of Charmaine and Nancy has still plenty to do getting everything done right in time for the fair at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

Our aim for the exhibition is not only to spread the word of WhizzKids through introducing the visitors to the way we work and find new partners, but also we want to raise funds for upcoming activities and to extend our programme in other countries.

In terms of fundraising we′ve created a game called ′Spot the Ball Competition′. In a football related picture we′ve removed the ball so that you have to guess where it is. If you mark your cross at the right position a lot of amazing prizes like a trip to the Hluhluwe Nationalpark will be waiting for you. You have also the chance to win some other attractive prizes and 10 Rand as competition entrance fee are not that much.

We would like you to come to the SMME Fair at the weekend and visit our stand (# 278) at the Durban Exhibition Centre. From Friday to Sunday we′ll be there from 8.00 am until 5 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you at our WhizzKids United stand.
Monthly Photo Competition: And the winner is...
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 27 August 2010
Winning photo of August from Oli.
Winning photo of August from Oli.
Two months ago we started our first Monthly Photo Competition which was won by our Office and Finance Co-Ordinator Michelle. In August we rolled the dice again and let our members of our Facebook Page decide. This time no one had the chance to cheat or corrupt other colleagues to give them their votes. Ok, I´m sure Michelle hadn´t cheated or blackmailed some of her colleagues the last time.

All in all it is really impressive that the photo competition has proved popular amongst all of our staff members, because everyone uploaded his or her favourite pictures of August. Oli also submitted a picture even though he is no longer working at WhizzKids United, but he still wanted to compete. From the UK he had sent us a small variety of his best pictures and we gave him the chance to attend because nobody thought he would have any chance.

After uploading all the chosen pictures on Facebook, in total 16, our fans had three days to vote for their favourite pictures. Yesterday was our deadline and we got our winner which is….. *drum roll* ….. our former Marketing Director Oli Walsh. He had taken his photo during our WhizzKids trip to the Drakensberg after kicking the ball into the lake. Well done and congratulations!

Of course every month we have a prize for the winner. This time the prize is that one week long the winner will get a coffee in the office whenever he wants one. Sad for our winner, because he has left the office too early and nobody is really able to serve him a coffee. Either he has to come back and continue working with WhizzKids or we have to book daily flights to London for the next week to serve the coffee which probably isn´t a cheap solution for our organisation!

As from now the competition for September starts and I´m sure each of our staff members gives their best to win the next competition. And of course in the end of the following month we need YOU again to vote for our best photo.

Write a comment below this entry if you have any ideas about prizes for the next winner.
Former volunteer Arthur about his experience with WhizzKids
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 16 August 2010
Arthur on our teambuilding trip to the Drakensberg.
Arthur on our teambuilding trip to the Drakensberg.
My time at WhizzKids has easily been one of my most memorable experiences, with the struggles and joys of living independently; my disastrous meal and terrible efforts at getting up in the morning, but most of all the people I met and the adventures that I had and could never have experienced at home.

The sessions and activities that I took part in were hugely rewarding. The tournaments revealed the kids’ joy of football, but more significantly a life that in Britain and possibly Europe you just don’t see. The Health Academies are unique and brand new giving me a taste of the difficulties in setting something up from scratch.

I learnt so much from the WhizzKids team like; the sustainability of the charity, AIDS, the background of South African kids and the culture and society they are immersed in. Despite the fact that a lot of the kids had clashing views and ideals, it was still clear that the one thing they had in common was football and their passion for playing it!

The use of football as an analogy, to teach children about HIV and AIDS, is a stroke of genius and I know that if Maths had been taught in a similar way I would be much better at it.
Working in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, was amazing: with the sea and coast 10 minutes away and the Drakensburg several hours drive, the location is perfect and scenic. Overall I have had so much fun and the humour and joy brought by the team made me feel at home from the first moment.

Written by Arthur Jackson.
Language school in the WhizzKids office
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 13 August 2010
Primary School in Umlazi.
Primary School in Umlazi.
As Africaid´s WhizzKids United is based in Kwa-ZuluNatal and the most spoken language here is Zulu, the whole office staff has begun learning it. Our goal is to study the basics of the language to communicate and impress some of the people in the townships where we work, especially the kids.

Our Zulu teacher is office apprentice Sma who has been working in the office in Greyville since April and lives in the township Lamontville. So far she has led two lessons for us which must be really exhausting for her on the one hand, because she needs to be very patient with the Germans, English, Canadian and also South Africans who have really bad or no existing Zulu skills.

Ok, our Canadian Tom has learnt it for two years so comparable to the rest he definitely plays in another league. On the other hand it must be very funny for Sma, because most of us are not yet able to pronounce some of the difficult words like NGICELA or NGIYAPHILA.

We all enjoy the WhizzKids intern language school and are looking forward to the next lesson. But until then we have to do our homework which was given us by Sma – learning ten new words a day!!! Isn´t she a strict teacher?
Monthly Photo Competition has started
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 10 August 2010
Winning photo of August from Michelle.
Winning photo of August from Michelle.
Since last month the staff of WhizzKids United has started a Monthly Photo Competition. This means that every member of our office in Durban has to take pictures and sort out his or her best ones. After the selection we upload the chosen photos on our Facebook page where the members of our account can vote for the best photo of the month.

The winner of our first competition in July was Michelle with the picture you can see in this blog entry. The snapshot was taken by herself during a visit at the Health Academy in Edendale (Pietermaritzburg). Her prize was to let the rest of the staff sing a song especially for her. So far she hasn´t punished her colleagues yet and to be honest I hope she´ll forget it!

Nevertheless we have started our next competition for August and I´m excited to see who will win. We´ll publish the pictures on the 23rd of August on our Facebook page and we need your help, because from the mentioned date till the 26th of August YOU can choose your favorite photo of the month in our poll and have a say who will win. We will also publish the winner on the 27th of August on our blog and Facebook.

Until then each of our staff has to search for the best picture. Let the competition begin!
WhizzKids staff rocking the Drakensberg
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 30 July 2010
WhizzKids staff always on top.
WhizzKids staff always on top.
From Tuesday to Thursday the whole office staff of WhizzKids United went to the White Mountain Lodge in the Drakensberg. The reason for the three days out of the office was to spend some days in a relaxing area, participate in team-building and to release pressure from a busy time we have had for the last two months and especially during the World Cup period.

With three packed cars and eleven people we drove to the White Mountain Lodge close to Estcourt which is about 200 kilometres far away from Durban. The accommodation was in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful mountains and a fabulous lake. These were the best requirements for a relaxing, exciting and successful team-building trip.

On the first day we pushed the envelope with using the Fuffi Slide. There all of our staff crossed a canyon with a rope which was stretched over the 25 metre high canyon. When we were finished with our first thrill we went back to our accommodation slacking off and talking about our experience we had shared.

Wednesday was day number two of our team-building and a big hiking tour came up. Together with three guides from the White Mountain Lodge we climbed the 2000 metre high mountain. On the top we had a rest and enjoyed the amazing countryside of the Drakensberg for a couple of minutes. After that our next activity on the schedule was Abseiling.

Abseiling means the controlled descent down a rope and we did it on a 45 metre high cliff. All members of our staff were really brave and arrived safely on the ground. It was a nice experience and some of our members had to rise above to do the Abseiling because of their fear of heights, but after doing it everyone was happy and proud of her- or himself.

All in all we had almost three extremely funny days in the Drakensberg. Unfortunately our Marketing Director Oli and our Hawaiian part time coach Brian had to leave Africaid´s WhizzKids United for new tasks beyond the organization after our trip. But I´m sure they had as much fun as I had and they will always remember three of my personally best days since I´ve been here in South Africa.
Tournament number nine and ten for me
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 26 July 2010
Kids celebrating in Umlazi
Kids celebrating in Umlazi
Allthough the World Cup 2010 in South Africa is finished we are still running our own WhizzKids World Cup tournaments as a final part of the Life Skills Sessions. Last week we had two of these tournaments in Umlazi where more than 400 kids attended from Sekelani Primary School.

Except for a couple of minor defects both days were a big success and I´m sure the kids had a lot of fun. In contrast of the official World Cup, England played a really good tournament and won the tournament of the first day. The players of the 5th and 6th grade played not only a thrilling tournament with an unusual high number of penalty shootouts, but also really fair play according to the Fifa Fair Play Rules. In terms of the fair play Denmark was the fairest team by a long way, so we gave them our WhizzKids Fair Play Trophy.

On the following day the pupils of the 7th grade of Sekelani Primary School attended the tournament. Again we had a really exciting tournament with 180 kids in total. This time the Umlazi kids who played for Paraguay won the World Cup title. The fair play award went to the players from Italy who didn´t tackle, supported their opponents after defeats and played also a very good tournament with reaching the final.

From my side the two tournaments were probably my last ones during my internship with WithKids United. Finally and after running ten tournaments I can say that the events on the one hand were very exhausting, but on the other hand really impressive. Thanks to WhizzKids for getting the chance to gain experiences in the townships of Rustenburg, Edendale, Lamontville and Umlazi. I´m sure as a tourist or a backpacker I wouldn´t have had the chance to be so close to the life in the townships.
Cooperation with The Vega and my first English presentation
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 12 July 2010
Will he be the next star of our advert?
Will he be the next star of our advert?
Today my collegue Oli and I went to The Vega School to present our program WhizzKids United. The Vega calls itself a school which aims to inspire a new breed of thinkers. Reason enough for us to begin a cooperation with some of the students, because their task is to create an advertisement for three non-profit organizations in Durban. For us this looks like a great opportunity to get some new inspirations and of course a professional advertisement from creative students with lots of ideas.

The project is not only a challenge for the students of the University, but also it was a big challenge for me, because I had to do my first presentation in a foreign language this morning. I felt really unconfident before doing my speech about WhizzKids United, because my English of course has improved since my arrival in South Africa, but it is not perfect yet. But all in all after the presentation I was really happy about it. Certainly the way I talked to the 40 students was not faultless, but afterwards I could slap on my own shoulder and say to myself "Well done Daniel!".

After our presentation we listened to two other organizations which are also based in Durban. The first one was held by Tom from Umthombo. The programme deals with street children and uses football and surfing as a medium to get the kids away from the streets.

The last presenter was Jes Foord who introduced us into her project called The Jes Foord Foundation. Her story was really impressing, because Jes herself was raped by four men two years ago. From then on she has called herself a "rape survivor". Her bad experience was the reason why she founded the organization helping other people who have to deal with the same destiny.

We are really glad about the cooperation with the students from The Vega and looking forward to the liaison and naturally the results of their project. If you want to find out more about Umthombo and The Jes Foord Foundation enter or
Halftime for me at WhizzKids
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 5 July 2010
Me with some kids at the Holiday Camp in Umlazi.
Me with some kids at the Holiday Camp in Umlazi.
The first three months of my internship with WhizzKids United are over which means that it′s halftime of my stay in South Africa. All in all I have had a great time so far, especially working in the townships, which really left an impression on me and I′m sure that I wouldn′t have had those experiences as a tourist or a backpacker.

Our WhizzKids United World Cup tournaments were really great and I enjoyed every second with the kids and their different ways of celebrating goals and having so much fun. Furthermore I got the chance to attend some tournaments in Rustenburg which gave me the chance to see more of South African′s beautiful countryside and another township far away from the places we normally work in.

Of course the ongoing World Cup was and still is also an awesome experience for me, because through WhizzKids United I had the opportunity to attend some games as a chaperone together with kids from our Holiday Camps. It was not only the kids that had a great time but me as well!

Naturally I′ve visited two games to support my home country Germany, one in Durban and the other one in Port Elizabeth. And I′m really happy that I′ve gotten a ticket for the semi final in Durban on Wednesday which is like a dream come true. So keep your fingers crossed that they′ll reach the final and perhaps win the World Cup. And then I could say "I was there".

All in all I′ve enjoyed working with WhizzKids United so far and I′m really looking forward to the following three months and the tasks which await me.
Leisure activity for kids from the townships
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 2 July 2010
Last week we finished our Castrol Holiday Camps. Within two weeks we ran three camps, two at Ndongeni Primary School in Umlazi and one at Clarence Primary School close to our office in Greyville. All of them were a big success and a reason for the WhizzKids staff to attend one more holiday activity in Lamontville.

In Lamontville, Durban′s oldest African township, we had a different schedule to the one in Umlazi, with a greater range of activities. So we decided together with our new volunteer Brian to improvise and play different football related games. Either we played funny warm-up games with the whole group, consisting of 70 to 100 children, or we taught them some excercises to improve their football skills. And of course, finally we had a big football match on four pitches after dividing the kids into eight groups.

For us it was important to teach the kids, who are still having holidays, some great games which they can play during their off school time. Otherwise they get bored and get into mischief. And if the kids had nearly as much fun as our staff had, then we have achieved our goal in Lamontville!
My first tournaments!
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 18 May 2010
WKU tournament in Edendale.
WKU tournament in Edendale.
The past days we ran our first two tournaments of the second term of the Life Skills Training in 2010. In total about 400 kids from Esigodini Primary School attended to the World Cup tournaments in Edendale. It was not only for the children of the seventh grade , but also for me as I really enjoyed both days.

When we arrived in Edendale we welcomed the trainers and the volunteers and gave them some introductions to the event. After that we built the goals, sized the eight pitches and divided the kids into the 32 teams which are taking part in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

After the preparations the vuvuzela sounded which was the sign for the kick-off. To see the kids playing football was really impressive for me, because I saw so many smiling faces and after a goal sometimes the kids started to dance.

After the finals there was a big celebration. Round the pitch the kids stood in a big circle which replaced the usual line of a football field. While the two teams fought to win the tournament the kids were cheering, dancing and singing different songs in Zulu.

To see the kids having fun, showed what a great reward the tournaments are and a sign for me that the trainers are doing a great job in the field. Next week we´ll run six tournaments in a row in Rustenburg and I´m really looking forward to it.
There is plenty to do!
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 11 May 2010
WhizzKid at a tournament.
WhizzKid at a tournament.
Only 31 days until World Cup 2010 in South Africa kicks off and it is not only the host of Africa´s biggest sports event ever that is very busy at the moment. The staff of WhizzKids United have a lot of tasks to finish, too, in the following weeks.

During the upcoming weeks we have to prepare for 16 of our World Cup tournaments for graduates from our programme. In this term more than 4,000 kids attended the Life Skills programme. Last year we organized 25 tournaments in South Africa and we are looking forward to surpassing this number this year.

Furthermore our staff are organising further projects like the Castrol Summer Camps in cooperation with Castrol and Grassrootsoccer. A big highlight of this programme for the kids will be watching some of the World Cup games which surely will be an unforgettable experience for our young football players. In addition we will be running feeding schemes at our youth centre in Lamontville and our Health Academy in Edendale.

Another project we take part is the FIFA Football for Hope Festival, a big event where 32 teams from all over the world will meet at Alexandra (Johannesburg) at the end of the World Cup 2010 to celebrate the social power through the medium of football. Four kids from the township Lamontville and our trainer Sithule will attend to the Festival 2010. We would like to thank our partner streetfootballworld from Germany, for all their work on this project.

And of course we are looking forward to the opening of the Health Academy in Edendale (KwaZulu-Natal) on the 1st of June. We keep you informed!
Second place for WhizzKids at the FNB tournament
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 3 May 2010
WhizzKids staff at the FNB tournament.
WhizzKids staff at the FNB tournament.
On Saturday we played a 5-a-side football tournament which was organized by the First National Bank in Durban North. We had ten players in our WhizzKids team which consisted of staff from the office, two Life Skills trainers and two kids from the township Lamontville who will also attend to the Football for Hope Festival 2010.

After the host had explained us the playing schedule and rules of the tournament, our CEO Marcus told everyone of the 12 teams about the WhizzKids programme and what we hope to achieve through the programme. A few minutes later the tournament could start!

During our group games we had a lot of fun and won the first three games. First of all our kids Onke and Songezo from Lamontville left a mark because they shot very important goals which we needed to reach the semi final.

In the semi final the WhizzKids team again was very successfull and didn′t concede a goal, which was the reason why the 15 year old Songezo from Lamontville started to dance after the final whistle. All of us were really happy and of course we were looking forward to our last game of the day - the final.

The final was a really rough game and our opponents did everything conceivable to defeat us. Because of our enthusiasm, a lot of spectators supported WhizzKids United and although we lost we became the secret winner of the tournament. Congratulations to our opponent!

The second place was a big success for all of us and at this point the whole WhizzKids team wants to thank the organizers of FNB for a well prepared tournament and a lovely day in Durban North.
33.4 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 30 April 2010
Worldwide AIDS & HIV statistics
Worldwide AIDS & HIV statistics
During this week I learnt more about the worldwide statistics regarding HIV/AIDS and while I was reading about the high numbers of HIV/AIDS infected people it gave me a chill. I found out that more than 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981. In 2008 there were about 33 million people who still lived with the disease all over the world. In the same year 2.7 million died as a result of AIDS.

The number of people living with HIV has risen from around 8 million 20 years ago to an estimated 33 million, which is more than fourfold. This statistic shows us that it is vital to continue fighting against the further spreading of the disease.

The chart above shows a worldwide distribution regarding HIV/AIDS infected people. As you can see with 22.4 million in Sub-Saharan Africa the number is far too high. But also these statistics motivates the whole staff of WhizzKids United to fight against HIV/AIDS every day.

My first visits to the townships of South Africa
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 23 April 2010
Kids in Umlazi after school.
Kids in Umlazi after school.
As you know, two weeks ago I started my voluntary work with WhizzKids United. During this time I´ve learnt a lot of things about the whole programme and of course about the disease of the human immune system caused by HIV and AIDS.

Yesterday it was the first time for me going out of the office to watch how the Life Skills Trainers work. At first we visited a school in Umlazi which is in the south-east of Durban and has a population of about 750,000. There our trainers Sithule and Siphelele were running the Peer Education programme which is the continuance of the Life Skills Training and where the children will be trained to be Peer Educators, which allows them to reinforce the Life Skills lessons. For more information about the programme click on the category “Our programmes” on our website.

After the lesson my colleague Stefan and I looked around the whole school building. When we were walking close to a basketball court a few kids asked us if we wanted to play basketball with them. Of course we agreed and played a kind of a mixture of basketball and rugby with them which was really funny. It was a new experience for me to play ball with kids from a township and to be the only white person with Stefan for far and wide. I think the children also enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with us.

Unfortunately we had to break up the game, because our next destination was Lamontville, Durban´s oldest African township which was built in 1934. There we watched a training session with the four Festival 2010 kids. I was really impressed with the discipline of the two boys and two girls and it was also important for me to see that they practiced with a lot of joy.

Furthermore I am looking forward to the tasks which await me the next five months.
My first days with WhizzKids
posted by Daniel Schoeberl on 13 April 2010
Daniel in front of the office.
Daniel in front of the office.
Last Sunday I arrived in Durban to start a 6-month-voluntary placement for WhizzKids United. On the one hand I chose the internship with WhizzKids, because I was and already am very interested in the approach and philosophy of the organization helping children to stay away from Aids and teaching about HIV prevention through the medium of football. On the other hand I got the opportunity to be a part of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and celebrate this event with thousands of people from all over the world and of course to support the German team. Furthermore I want to improve my English skills and learn as much as possible about the South African culture.

My first two days working with WhizzKids were very interesting because I got a detailed insight into really exciting projects. I also got a lot of background information about the spread and growth of HIV and Aids in South Africa which was really shocking to me, because I never thought that the rate could be so high. The tasks which await me seem to be very exciting and I hope I can contribute my part to a successful work with WhizzKids in the upcoming months.


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