Life as a Game Changer and going forward
posted by Zandile Jaca on 17 April 2015

Being part of WhizzKids United, and being on the Game Changer programme, has taught me how to behave in a working environment. I have developed critical skills in communication and learned how to take on leadership responsibilities. It has been such a great experience, waking up every day, knowing that I will learn new things and meet different people that will change my life for the better.

Being a Game Changer has motivated me to wake up morning. Also, partaking in the ladies football team has made my dream a reality because I am passionate about football, and learning and having fun at the same time has made it easier for me to understand the challenges related to HIV/Aids and other social issues. Talking to youth about social issues, and relate these issues to various games, make it easier for youth to talk to me while they are having fun.

During the course of the Game Changer programme, I have been given different opportunities to showcase my skills in a working environment. For example, I got a one month internship at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, where I assisted professors with various administrative tasks.

Later, I applied for the Laureus Youth Empowerment though Sport programme (YES). Getting accepted to take part in the programme has been an honour and I hope it will be the beginning of a successful career in youth empowerment through sport. I look forward to meeting youth from around Africa who will be participating on the programme, sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Special thanks to Oxfam for granting me the funds to make this dream become a reality. I am looking forward to learn as much as possible and gain experience in the YES programme so that I, in return, can implement what I have learned.

Final thoughts on my internship.
posted by Philip Omatsone on 20 March 2015

Hello, my name is Philip and I’m currently enjoying the last day of a 6 month internship at WhizzKids United. Most of my time was spent developing the Siyakhona program which I took over as a photography program last year and was given the freedom to develop into a drama, photography and writing class for 2015.

It feels like just yesterday that I arrived at WhizzKids United, in a world unbeknown to me. And when I compare my perspective then to my perspective now, the difference is crazy. Coming to South Africa, I had very little knowledge about the work of a NGO and the hard background work which goes into every single program here. I didn’t appreciate the scope of the HIV epidemic and the extent of difficulties that are faced in overcoming it. Most importantly, I didn’t appreciate the spirit of the locals to make a success of their lives despite all their hardship.

WhizzKids United has helped me change that perspective. I’ve seen the tireless work that goes into planning programs which not only give the youth a more positive outlook on life but also educate them about important issues relating to their health. I’ve seen how much work goes into actually securing funding for the programs; from writing proposals to attending networking events, the staff work tirelessly to help continue the great work of WhizzKids United. And I’ve met some of the greatest youth I’ve encountered in my short time on earth. Youth who would not succumb to their circumstances, who were determined to do something with their life. It is difficult to appreciate the struggles they went through because they always stayed positive and enthusiastic about life. Meeting them has really given me an even more positive outlook of the world and the people in it.

It definitely wasn’t just a walk in the park, but if I wanted that I could have just stayed in England watching Eastenders. No, this was a great experience because I was allowed to get involved in the continued development of WhizzKids United and I know they will continue developing in the future.

Thanks for everything!

Game Changers Internship - Edendale Hospital (Part X)
posted by Sanele Zuma on 12 November 2014
Sanele in his office at Edendale Hospital
Sanele in his office at Edendale Hospital

My internship blog took place at Edendale hospital ward 1B2 first floor. While I was doing internship I meant knew people from different places especially eldest. I did enjoy working with aging people because they always gave me a good advice every day. Fist time it was hard to communicate with them but when times goes on everything goes on track.

I was assisting them by collecting medication, off duties, collecting stationary, doing copies and work general. I did enjoy everything I even improve my skills and I have gain more experience.
What I have leant while I was doing my internship is to be calm, patient and communication skill wasn’t my strongest points but by implementing organization skill and time management boost my communication skills.

When I never thought I can able to work under burnt people because I know myself that I’m a coward but everything possible by believing to myself and work hard even though there is some challenges but I did everything okay.

Game Changers Internship - Hilton Hotel (Part IX)
posted by Siphesihle Mthembu on 10 November 2014

During the month of September I had an opportunity to go and have an internship placement at Hilton Durban Hotel. I have worked in the following three departments Rainbow Terrence Restaurant; Business Center; Engineering/ Maintenance department.

At the Rainbow Terrence Restaurant I have done these duties assistant bar man; waiter; looking after a buffet making sure that it is clean and the dishes are always full.

At the Business center I have done the following duties administration work, waiter, doing the setups for meetings.

At the Maintenance department I have done the electricity; and plumber work.

This is what I have gained at Hilton Durban Hotel. I would also like to thank the WhizzKids United for giving us this huge opportunity we really appreciate it, this is what we call the beginning of a journey leading to success.

Game Changers Internship - Edendale Hospital (Part VIII)
posted by Mvelwenhle Makhaye on 7 November 2014
Mvelwenhle at the theatre at Edendale Hospital
Mvelwenhle at the theatre at Edendale Hospital

Out in the big world trying to fit in but hard to reach the pace but the journey has to start somewhere. Emotions all over the place seek for a new breeze to freshen up my thoughts of my work. As I was placed in Edendale hospital in Operation Theatre Department I experienced much more within the administrator industry. Dealing with filing, organising, answering calls, NSI forms, doing off duties etc. The skills that I have gained will benefit me in the future. Having that vibe of being in a job environment gave me a clue on how to handle professional challenges when it happens that I come across them. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I thank WhizzKids United for making a difference in my life.

Game Changers Internship - Edendale Hospital (Part VII)
posted by Nozipho Dlamini on 5 November 2014

I have been part of Game Changers for a year now. I have been given many skills like being organised, planning before, computer and communicating. They did not just give us those skills but given a chance to see how much we learnt by being placed in a working environment. I was given a chance to be an intern at Edendale Hospital, Human Resource Department in Employee Assistant Programme office. I was working with a lady called Mrs Khumalo. I was basically doing admin work which includes filing, photocopying and binding, documents filling, handling transport hiring, collecting Jim attendance and filing it according to dates. This internship was just a month but I learnt a lot. I was really scared of office work,never really thought I could do it, but through that internship I learnt to believe in myself that if I put my heart in something I can make I happen. But mostly WhizzKids made thing possible for me.

Game Changers Internship - University of KwaZulu-Natal (Part VI)
posted by Zandile Jaca on 3 November 2014

The first moment I stepped inside the gates of the University of KwaZulu-Natal it felt like my dream has came true but in a changed way because I was getting there for the diverse reason I thought I will be there for tertiary education but it turned out in a different way than I expected. Now I understand why people say life is unpredictable, it amazed several people that a person in my age was an intern in the university what shocked them further is that I matriculated last year they thought it was impossible. But what they didn’t know is that with Game Changers is possible, having to work closely with masters students which are doing Gender, Religion and Health it really motivated me study in life. The craziest moments I experience while I was there it was when the students were striking because I had to hide in the office the whole day, because they thought I look like a student. All in all it was a great experience....

Game Changers Internship - Little Ambassadors (Part V)
posted by Bhekhani Hadebe on 31 October 2014

My internship was good for me and I believe that my internship suited me because of what I was there in Little Ambassadors College it similar to what I want to do as my future job because I was working as an assistant Teacher working with Kids the job I did there taught a lot and I improved my skills such as Organizational skills, Leadership skills, Problem solving, Communication skills and facilitation skills.

My job there was to assist the teachers and during the break time I had to facilitate Art and craft or I had to do Sport and fitness sessions or do Ice breakers or play different games like save the world game in Art and craft I remember I facilitated the flag of South Africa giving the explanation of the colours of the flag of south African flag and I had to paint the flag in A3 paper to show them how to paint the flag and I gave them the papers and told them to paint some of the kids did as I told them but other kids were painting with the Yellow paint to the space of black paint or Green paint instead of Red paint but they were enjoying it as well as me. There was a time where I was helping them to do their Shapes book we did the shapes with Eyes, Mouth, Wheels the shapes we did with the kids were Tri angle, Circle, Square, Oval, Rectangle, Diamond and Star I read a story called The tale of Peter Rabbit I did the book with kids called Five little Piggy.

My happy moment

When I was doing Art and craft I enjoyed each and every moment when we were doing the flag, creative Art they were painting crazy things but they enjoyed it and knew how describe it until I understand what they’ve done. I can say that I enjoyed each and every moments I had at the Little Ambassadors College I really liked my internship placement and I wish that I was kept as my job because I like to work with the kids.

Game Changers Internship - Edendale Hospital (Part IV)
posted by Njabulo Madlala on 29 October 2014

My name is Njabulo Madlala I hereby to share my wonderful experience I gain while I was an intern at Edendale Hospital doing an administrative work under recruitment at my first week of September, I than I went to serve all my duties till the end of September under Human Resources Manager’s Office, Managers name NC Mthombeni.

I first want to send my gratitude to WhizzKids management, my facilitators and for giving such a wonderful opportunity to be part of Game Changers, WhizzKids and having Experience working at Edendale Hospital (EDH), I real had good times there and learnt a lot as well, I was less knowledgeable with the organization skills but after the internship at Edendale Hospital I saw the need of being familiar with the skill other than that I had developed in various skills interpersonal skills like communication, listening skills, self motivated and as well as job skills that I have gain at Game Changers. Not to forget my peers whom we had shared interest toward success.

I enjoyed working at the recruitment office in EDH under a good management lead by Miss V Madondo, at my first day I did filing, photocopying, binding, answering phones calls, taking messages and delivering document and going to stores. What I real did enjoyed was to walk around putting vacancies around the EDH, and I also remember as if it was yesterday when I had to phone five people three of them are foreigners one from North Island British based, Zimbabwe and Mexico the other two are South Africans, I was did their employment files that was real awesome even though its was a difficult thing to at my first time in the working environment.

At the Human resources I did more less the same duties as I did at recruitment because there I had to only do Filing, messenger, answering phones, taking messages and typing, working at the Human Resources I felt I was working at the parliament, I was working at the fourth floor where all the hospital management offices are located.

I cannot say I had real terribly times or bad days because most of the time I was alone my boss was always at the meetings so I had to be self proactive and I had to always produce and no one was always after me for my job, so that why I wanted to always on top of my game and enjoy each and every single moment while I was there.

So I was like to work at Edendale Hospital. I thank you.

Game Changers Internship - WhizzKids United (Part III)
posted by Sanelisiwe Mokoena on 27 October 2014

My internship started on the 1st of September 2014 and ended in the 30 of September 2014, I did my internship at WhizzKids United doing a marketing research, I worked with Stefan Kunze who is a country director.

In the beginning of my internship I was given a task to research and develop my understanding of a brand and branding recognition, I also did interviews to increase my knowledge about branding an d I researched about WhizzKids united competitors, I learned more about WhizzKids United branding. Then I was told to research the methods of surveyingbecause my next task was to conduct a survey,- so out of all the methods I chose to do a multiple choice questionnaire, because I saw that it will save time and people would be able to answer it in a short period of time. At first it was a bit hard for me to think of the questions and answers for my questionnaire. And I came up with a plan for my survey on where I will do it, when, how much time I will spend in each place and a budget. I had to do 100 questionnaires per day though most of the time I didn’t rich to that number but I did well because I always did more than 50 each day and some time more than 100.

My first day of surveying was a disaster I was disappointed in all places that I went to first at a CEO’s office they didn’t give me the authority to do my survey inside the hospital instead some woman gave an attitude after waiting for an hour she just asked that “U are still here can’t you see that we are busy” after that I decided to just live. Then I went to the mall I went through the same problem again some woman in the management office told me that my questions are lame she have done a marketing for many years she don’t think it appropriate to do that survey with other NGOs logo’s without letting those NGOs know about that survey they called one of those NGOs because they are working with them and told about this survey. My day was wasted bout it simply because I didn’t make appointments and let them knows before time that I will come.

I learnt my lesson I decided to go back to WKU and call other places that I planned to do my survey in. Then Monday I went to do my survey in schools and it was very hot I sweated till I had salt in my face that is one of the days that I will never forget. Most of my day during my internship was all about disappointments, when I did my survey at the mall it was hard because people gave me attitude they did want to get involved especially women. Any way there was nothing fun about my internship it was all about work, work, and work and in some other days I felt like crying. But all in all I did well because I did 436 questionnaires out of 500, after that I did stressful work conducting a data in Microsoft Excel and creating in Microsoft power point for my presentation but I did my best because I did my presentation but it was funny because I was rushing to finish I was saying everything fast.

Then my last task was to type a report and email it to Stefan and on my last day I did a table of content for my report now you can imagine how long was it lastly I did a cover page and that was the end of it.



17 April 2015
Life as a Game Changer and going forward
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Final thoughts on my internship.
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