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About Us

WhizzKids United is a youth programme that uses football as an educational medium to facilitate healthy behaviour change. Our mission is to deliver effective HIV prevention, care, treatment and support to youth worldwide through the medium of football. Created by HIV nurse specialist Marcus McGilvray, WhizzKids United is based in Durban, South Africa and is operated by Africaid, a registered charity in the United Kingdom (Reg. No. 1045461) and South Africa (Reg. No. 051-379-NPO).

Internship 1 WhizzKids United was developed in response to the staggering high numbers of HIV infection amongst youth in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. The HIV prevalence rate in KwaZulu-Natal is estimated at 16.5%* with ante-natal clinics, in some areas, reporting prevalence rates above 60%. As a result, the prevalence rate contributes in making this province the epicentre of the HIV and AIDS crisis both nationally and globally!

From our experience in working with the youth we realised that children learn and respond best when they are highly motivated and engaged with an interactive lesson. The youth responds a lot more positively when the method of learning is dynamic, goal orientated and delivered in a language that all kids can speak and understand. Therefore, we pride our programme on ensuring that football can further encourage and support the youth to live healthy and positive lives.

Internship 1 Our programme recognises that football is the perfect teaching tool as it speaks a universal language that appeals to all children, both boys and girls, and transcends culture and background. Our programme chiefly benefits the adolescents by teaching them life skills, helping them to develop their character and perceptions of gender roles as well as enhancing their knowledge about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Our goal is to continue bringing football to life so we can develop the feet that shape the future.

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* "South African National Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and Communication Survey, 2008" published by Human Sciences Research Council