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Whizzkids United Team joins 5th S.A AIDS conference

Published by Paul Kelly
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The 5th South Africa's AIDS Conference  hosted by Dira Sengwe is on from 07-10 June here in Durban at the ICC under the theme 'Leadership, Delivery and Accountability'. 

The aim of the conference is to involve all experts and role players (including government, NGO's, researchers and activists) in drafting the new intergrated HIV and AIDS National strategic plan for 2012-2016. This will allow all participating role players to understand the strategic priority and the strategic enablers.

The conference will tackle the currently dominating issues related to HIV such as the Male Medical Circumcision (MMC) and how effective HIV treatment can stop transmission to an uninfected partner (NIH 052) through the use of presentations, debates, skills building as well the current responses to this disease.

We are proud to announce that our deserving organization Whizzkids United is among the selected participants in this conference. Our team members namely Gugu, Marcus, Tom and Paul were awarded with scholarships to attend, they are representing us and we support them fully and we trust that they will bring us new innovative knowledge and skills that will be helpful in our visionary practice. We are wishing Tom good-luck on his poster and presentation on the WhizzKids United Mixed Gender Football League.

This is a great opportunity for our organisation to enhance its knowledge and skills thus expanding the services that we provide. This conference is of particular significance to Whizzkids United since our focus is on HIV and AIDS empowerment and therefore will be beneficial to WhizzKids United programme development as well as enable us to meet other like-minded individuals and organisations in the hope of possible future partnerships or knowledge sharing.

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