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WhizzKids United to partner with Sony

Published by Oli Walsh
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Africaid′s WhizzKids United programme has been selected as one of three organisations to take part in a Leadership Development Programme, led by Sony through the streetfootballworld network.

The programme aims at supporting network members to develop their leadership, communication and management capacities.

In a thorough application process, project proposals were received and evaluated. The final selection was made based on a wide range of criteria, including thoroughness of application, proof of need of support, impact for the organisation, benefits for the Sony managers, etc.

The three organisations that were selected were;

Whizzkids United (South Africa)
The Kids League (Uganda)
Grupo Desportivo de Manica (Mozambique)

All three organisations will consult with Sony managers, who will work with them remotely over the next 4-6 months to help them develop their leadership skills and general operations. The Leadership Development Programme will be launched officially in an event in early February.

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