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WhizzKids United to be featured on A World of Football

Published by Stefan Kunze
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Football is more than just a sport. It is emotion, it is passion, it is defeat and it is success. For some people it is their whole life; and for some people it can change lives.

A World of Football (AWOF) is producing a documentary about organisations from all over the world which are using football to bring change to this world. Four young men from Belgium started this project in 2011 and are currently travelling to ten different organisations all around the globe to observe how football can make a difference. After being to Israel and Rwanda, they have arrived at their third stage - South Africa.

This week, the AWOF team has been filming at our Health Academy and in the community of Edendale. The film will show how WhizzKids United uses the power of football in the fight against HIV & AIDS to give young boys and girls hope for a better future. With their project, the Belgians want to raise awareness of the young generation in Belgium and other European countries for the challenges that their peers face in other parts of the world and they want to show how innovative solutions like the WhizzKids United Health Academy help to overcome those challenges.

The final documentary, which will feature all the projects visited, will be broadcasted on Belgian and French television during the EURO 2012. The documentary about WhizzKids United will be available on this website soon.


For more information about A World of Football, please visit: www.aworldoffootball.org

AWOF interviewing a young boy from Edendale
AWOF interviewing a young boy from Edendale
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