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WhizzKids United finishes 2nd in SFW UNITED Fundraising Challenge

Published by Stefan Kunze
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Yesterday did not only see the final of the EURO 2012 between Spain and Italy with a thrashing victory of the defending champions, but also the end of streetfootballworld's UNITED Fundraising Challenge. WhizzKids United finished the challenge with an excellent 2nd place, having raised a total of €2,118 since the launch on 16 May 2012.

Streetfootballworld (SFW) awards WhizzKids United with a top-up donation of €2,000 for this second place. In addition to the donations and the €2,000 prize money, WhizzKids United also won the side challenge of getting the most Facebook recommendations. An incredible number of 146 people recommended the WKU profile on www.justUNITED.com to friends in their social network. This side competition guarantees WKU another €500.

Our whole team wants to extend their appreciation to all who have supported WhizzKids United over all the years and especially in this activity. The result of the fundraising challenge reflects the tremendous popularity and the degree of support that our work receives from all over the world.

The fundraising challenge was initiated by streetfootballworld for the launch of their UNITED online fundraising platform. 15 SFW network member, including WKU were selected for this launch and featured in this pilot event. SFW has already announced that as a part of the active promotion of UNITED and in order to help its network member with fundraising, they will have challenges like this on a regular basis.

The final ranking of the fundraising challenge shows the top 3.
The final ranking of the fundraising challenge shows the top 3.
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