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WhizzKids United and Maritzburg United launch partnership on World AIDS Day

Published by Stefan Kunze
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On World AIDS Day, we usually take a moment to recognize those who are fighting the long battle against this dreadful disease. However, we also celebrate the global achievements in research, treatment and protection over the past 30 years all around the World.

As UNICEF said it the other day: “An AIDS-free generation is within reach and it starts with the children.” At WhizzKids United we are at the forefront of the battle, supporting hundreds of HIV positive young people with the necessary care and treatment as well as thousands more HIV negative youth in their efforts to protect themselves and others.

Today we won a new partner for our mission. Together with Maritzburg United, we will go into 2015 and empower the youth of Pietermaritzburg and beyond to make the right choices in their lives. Maritzburg United’s Marketing Manager Brian Zuma summarized the potential of this partnership: “In the world of sports the players have an important role to play as role models for those who look up to them. This is something we need to remember.”

Starting from 2015 Maritzburg United’s players and coaches will actively support our football based programmes. The ‘Team of Choice’s” coaching staff will work with our coaches to capacitate their skills and likewise the Maritzburg United players will join our teams’ training sessions on a regular basis. We will also join forces in future events to get the community involved in what is now our joint mission, to mobilize and empower the people.

‘Getting to Zero’ has been the official motto of the global World AIDS Day movement since 2011. It is also of paramount importance for us at WhizzKids United and with strong partners such as Maritzburg United we are taking a huge step towards getting to zero new HIV infections in the future

Maritzburg United´s Brian Zuma and WKU Country Director Stefan sign the MoU
Maritzburg United´s Brian Zuma and WKU Country Director Stefan sign the MoU
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