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WKU delighted with Oxfam findings

Published by Mlungisi Khumalo
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The WKU report done by Oxfam
The WKU report done by Oxfam

Earlier this year, WhizzKids United and Oxfam partnered together in an effort to compile a report which aimed at describing the social aspects of the work done by WhizzKids United. The report outlined the many ways in which adolescent clients, staff and volunteers relate to each other at the WKU Health Academy.

Dr Mbali Mandisa, who spearheaded the report, says the thinking behind the project was to summarise the significant figure of providing comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, and care and support services to adolescents. The report conclusively outlines established findings on WhizzKids United’s model; part of which is the provision of adolescent-friendly health services that succeedingly attract young people to use sexual health services at a larger scale in numbers. 

“WhizzKids United’s unique model provisionally approves the ARV adherence of those living with HIV&AIDS. It is for these reasons I support its work being studied and copied by government and other NGOs.” says Mbali.

The report has provided for the opportunity to closely study WhizzKids United’s approach to caring for and supporting young people and empowering them in the context of this serious and entrenched AIDS epidemic in South Africa, explains Mbali. She praises the unique model developed by WhizzKids United and refers to the organisation’s work as the “best practice”, and calls for the implementation of the WKU programme to be endorsed nationally and internationally.

The report looks at some of the geographical and socio-economic characteristics of Edendale, both pivotal aspects in unearthing the findings. The report discusses the research methods which were used in compilation the report and some of the key ethical considerations in the research/design phase of the project. The reports seeks to also share its perspective to young people living with HIV who attend the Health Academy- due to ethical considerations these participant’s names and identities were not stated in the report. Some of the important highlights of the report is the constant reminder of the existence of stigmatisation endured by the youth in the community of Edendale. 

Although the report has just been formally released, WKU will have the opportunity to reflect on the organisation’s strengths and remaining challenges. The report is available for download on the Oxfam website, A social study of Africaid Whizzkids United’s comprehensive model. The report is filled with stories of hope, gratitude and the passion unleashed by the staff of WhizzKids who work selflessly in keeping the vision of providing HIV and sexual health services to young people. 

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