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South African HIV/AIDS priorities for 2010

Published by Tom Farrar
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The Treatment Action Campaign is an HIV/AIDS activism organisation that campaigns for the rights of people living with HIV & AIDS. They have recently released "Priorities for 2010" where they outline where the focus of government and NGOs should be this year in combating the epidemic.

The paper identifies the main behaviours driving the South African epidemic as "heterosexual sex, multiple concurrent sexual partnerships, intergenerational sex and mother-to-child (vertical) transmission."

It further recognises that for the first time South Africa has a sound government policy on HIV/AIDS, which is laid out in the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV/AIDS and STIs, 2007-2011.

The T.A.C. has identified the following challenges and priorities to be addressed in 2010 in order to meet the NSP targets:

1) Scale up and sustain access to treatment
2) Make HIV prevention work
3) Increase resource for health
4) Let SANAC (South African National AIDS Council) lead with action

WhizzKids United is championing these priorities. With the launch of our Health Academy this year we will be contributing to priorities 1) and 3). We are also due to launch a new edition of our Life Skills Football curriculum, On the Ball, in April, which reflects the latest research findings on HIV prevention in South Africa. Thus we will also be contributing to priority #2)!

We, the WhizzKids United team, are doing our part to help the nation reach the NSP targets as a step to defeating this devastating disease!
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