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Khumza Buthelezi killed in car accident

Published by Marcus McGilvray
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Khumza Buthelezi ( 25)
Khumza Buthelezi ( 25)

With deepest sadness we have to inform you that our dear friend and colleague Khumbulani "Khumza" Buthelezi was involved in a deadly accident on Friday night. While walking along a road in Edendale, Khumza got hit by car. The driver was under the influence of alcohol.

We will always remember Khumza as the wonderful person he was, a great friend with a big heart. Our thoughts are with his family.

Khumza joined WhizzKids United in June 2010 as one of our first Abaphokopeli (going forwards/making a difference) volunteers. He was a local lad from Edendale who wanted to leave his 'gangster' lifestyle and help youth in his community. His devotion and zeal for the job was evident every day in the great work that he did. Even when his 'gang' beat him badly for turning his back on them and starting a new life, he shrugged off his injuries and returned to work within two days even more determined to make a difference. His hard work soon saw him promoted to a paid position as a Life Skills trainer - a job he has been doing so well for the past 18 months. Khumza's hard work and passion saw him being selected by UN Sport for Development and Peace to take part in a workshop in Doha, Qatar in January. The lad that had only ever traveled 60 kms prior to this trip had now earned a place half away around the world to learn more about youth development through football. This trip truly inspired him to excel further in his work and he became a game changer and leader among the team. I was blessed to have spent all day Monday with him and he talked about his hope of marrying his girlfriend of 11 months. He was off to see her last night when he was tragically run down and killed by a drunk driver. Words cannot begin to describe the loss we feel and our love and sympathies we extend to his family. God Bless you Khumza - you were a true abaphokopeli - you made a difference my boy.

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