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Deputy Minister of Health visits Health Academy

Published by Stefan Kunze
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WKU CEO Marcus McGilvray with Deputy Minister of Health Joe Phaahla
WKU CEO Marcus McGilvray with Deputy Minister of Health Joe Phaahla

Deputy Minister of Health Joe Phaahla visited the WhizzKids United Health Academy as part of his official tour of Edendale Hospital.

A few weeks ago the MEC for Health Dr Dlhomo visited WKU and recounted to his colleagues in the government all the great work that we are doing with the youth of Edendale. This created a huge interest in the political leadership of South Africa, particularly in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. So when Deputy Minister of Health Joe Phaahla was scheduled to visit Edendale he immediately used it as an opportunity to also spend some time at the WhizzKids United Health Academy.

The Deputy Minister was welcomed by WKU CEO Marcus McGilvray. During the visit Marcus had the chance to brief Joe Phaahla about WKU´s work over the past four years in Edendale as well as our plans to extend our work into other areas through the Department of Health.

Like the MEC for Health the Deputy Minister was equally excited to learn about our programme. He had brought along with him the provincial manager for the Department of Health who promised to work with CEO Marcus McGilvray on exploring different ways to use the WhizzKids United model in other areas as well.

We are proud about the interest shown in WhizzKids United, especially from the political leadership in recent months, and we see this as a product of the work we have done over the last couple of years. Our aim is to make our model available in other areas of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and other countries with the backing of government support.

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